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We bring you the best of Penang delights.

An Introduction to

Kopitan Classic Penang Delight

Kopitan Classic Penang Delight is a progressive company specialising in the development of quality dining experiences featuring Halal authentic Malaysian cuisine throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Founded and driven by restaurant entrepreneur Goh Nai Heng, the company was established in 2006 and now operates 20 high performance restaurant outlets. 

Kopitan Classic Penang Delight own and operate our own restaurants and partner with professional chefs to facilitate the development of our brand in Malaysia.

Our Story

From Humble Beginnings

In 2006, a family tradition was carried out by Goh Nai Heng, combining the warmth of traditional Malaysian dining experience with signature family recipes inherited in the family. Fresh ingredients and careful preparations aren’t surprising, given that Goh Nai Heng learned from his mother, making Malaysian local delicacies with her since he was a young boy.

Goh Nai Heng was born in Penang, Malaysia. Since his young age, he immersed himself into the art of food. As his children have all grown up, he decided to open a premier family-style restaurant to cater all the families and individuals who visit to Penang with the authentic Malaysian cuisine.

Goh Nai Heng is very instrumental in teaching both his sons to run the business and develop his philosophy on authentic Malaysian cuisines. He has been saying often that “the ingredients you start with are going to determine the finished recipe. Therefore, always use the best quality food and never sacrifice for cost.”

Eventually the Kopitan Classic Penang Delight opened in Penang as a chain restaurant and has been franchising since 2008. Since then, Goh Nai Heng has handed over the business to his younger son, Goh Kok E. In today, the company has set up 20 outlets located across Peninsular Malaysia.

The family takes pride of their authentic Malaysian recipes and fresh ingredients. Money is not a driving devotion. Their passion and love for great food and dedication to running a nostalgic and family atmosphere at Kopitan Classic Penang Delight ensures that every customer they serve has a great time.

Mission Statement

To go beyond customer expectations in relation to quality dining experiences in the areas of service, ambience, and cuisine while magnifying the growth and viability of all segments of the company for the long-term benefit of customers, employees, franchisees and suppliers.

Company Objectives​

The company objective is to create excellent dining facilities in prime locations that provide high quality dining experiences in a  harmonious relaxed environment at an affordable price that represents superior value for money.

We constantly aim to achieve total customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, any developments must contribute to the general profitability of the company.

To accomplish these objectives, professional chefs are recruited, staff is trained to a high level and ingredients and produce are sourced from the best available locations. Similar standards are also mandated to ensure customer satisfaction within our franchised outlets.

Our Team

Boards of Directors

Goh Nai Heng

Chief Executive Officer
Goh Kok E

Managing Director
Goh Kok Foong

Chief Financial Officer
Stephanie Soon

Franchisee Manager
Alias Bin Nordin

Outlet Manager
Hazlina Abdul Hamid

Branch Manager
Chiang Chee Wei

Ahmad Firdaus Effendi
Bin Mohd Zulkufli

Nur Akmalish Binti
Mohamad Saaid


Efective marketing is an indispensable element to our success and is of high importance in all aspects of our operation. These activities include e-marketing, advertising, social media, public relations, co-operative marketing programmes, media releases, media relations, and our own loyalty and birthday programme. To maintain our marketing and development activities in line with the most updated global trends, industry research is of paramount importance.

The Marketing Functions

Graphic Designer
The company employs an external media company to facilitate production of all collateral, from business cards, menus, advertising and promotional material.

The company employs an external photography company to provide the latest photography of food, new menu items and restaurant outlets. The photography library is wide-ranging and ofers a detailed collection of images for use on collateral, advertising material and media requests. ​

Awards & Recognition

Today, Kopitan Classic Penang Delight is an award winning Malaysian-style restaurant chain that operates in Malaysia. Kopitan Classic Penang Delight’s success has been established by developing value engineered location designs with a focus on food efficiency, consistency and freshness. Our menus are cooked with fresh ingredients and served by people who genuinely love food.

Kopitan Classic Penang Delight has won the following awards and accreditations:

ASIA PACIFIC Excellence Brand Award

Outstanding performance in 2013 ASIA PACIFIC Entrepreneur Excellence Award

HALAL certifed by Jakim


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